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Updated: Jun 27, 2021

Firstly; It’s FRIDAY people! As if you didn’t know this already!

Hope everyone has some fun stuff lined up...

Here’s what my weekend is looking like;

  • Preparing my first beauty/make up blog post for you guys :)

  • Recording my first make up tutorial for YouTube with the help of my talented Small Child; Mya who is going to help me edit it :)

  • A flight is booked for 1400 hours on “Juliet Oscar” with Captain Gray on Saturday!

  • Obligatory “Scandal” catch-up.

In between all this fun stuff I will need to fit in boring chores...this is the downer of the weekend and it always takes SO long! It sucks, kinda like that point on a Sunday night when you come to the realisation that you gotta go back to work in the morning! Proper come down, who can relate?

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Get in touch...

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