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"Music is life, that's why our hearts beat."

My love for music stems from early childhood and having grown up in a very musical household has definitely made my musical tastes rather eclectic.

I host a weekly radio segment on
Tunes & Chat with Kat
Every Tuesday between 10am and 12pm

In normal (Non-COVID) times, I invite guests from all walks of life to come and chat with me live on air in our Caterham, Surrey based studio.

If you would like to appear as a guest on my show then please email me at

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Having hosted several events from large scale fashion shows to private parties, I offer a dynamic and engaging presenting style which will complement your event's schedule.


Available for bookings

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Over the last six years, I have had the pleasure of guest speaking at a number of different events. Sharing my own personal experiences or talking to others about specific subjects is something that I am extremely passionate about. I believe that we all grow by learning from others, so if me sharing my story can help or inspire just one person in some way then it will have all been worthwhile. 

I have never shied away from speaking out on important subjects and I am often asked to guest/speak on national radio shows and even on the TV.  I have had the pleasure of mentoring many budding pageant queens and models alike at confidence building days, I have spoken to local girl guide groups about building self esteem and growing up with social media. I have been invited to be a guest on various panel discussions covering a range of hard-hitting subjects like, racism, diversity and equal representation in the media and to speak out on things like challenging negative stereotypes and being comfortable in your own skin.

I have even hosted my own Self Love Retreat at Azure Wellness Retreat in Turgutreis, Turkey and (travel permitting) I will be returning in 2021/22 to host another.


Available for bookings

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